Kanine Fit Zone

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Is your pet over weight, under weight, or a couch potato? Our Pet Fitness coach will exercise your pet using a personalized regimen that will be created based on your pet’s age, ability, health condition, temperament, and preferences. Our pet fitness program is also good for pets who need physical conditioning.

We provide programs for pets with special needs such as: orthopedics, disabilities, and geriatrics. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can benefit from our fitness programs. No dog is too young or old to get started. Our fitness program caters to the complete dog. We focus on your pet’s total health physically and mentally. Depending on your pets needs we will perform basic aerobics activities such as walking, running, jumping, Kanine Kardio treadmill, and rehabilitative strength training.

Programs and Costs

  • $30 Daily
  • $110 Weekly
  • $410 Monthly
Our program is available

Monday – Friday


(Special arrangements are available to add fitness programs to their boarding stay)

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