Key-Lore Kanine Kollege Videos

This is Sullivan he is here for obedience training, for day one, he is showing that he doesn’t really know why he is on a leash or what it’s for. Sharon will demonstrate this behavior, watch as he pays no attention to her but a car that drives by.

Sullivan on day 2 of obedience training, he is figuring out what a leash is for, and becoming more aware of point to point and turning.

Sullivan here for day 3 of obedience training, he is surely becoming more aware of leash manners and now Sharon demonstrates the leg slap technique to indicate that Sullivan should be moving.

Sullivan has begun to master the Heal command and sit command. Repetition is key for this training, as well as consistency.

For training day 5 Sullivan is beginning to utilize what we call the “Sit Stay”, this exercise is what will be used everyday at home, so it is very crucial to focus a lot of energy here. Watch as Sharon demonstrates the use of the Sit Stay commands and how Sullivan reacts.

Today, Sullivan is learning healing and walking nicely with another dog, we are using Romeo one of our Kanine Kamp Kounselors to help demonstrate this. Watch as Sharon demonstrates this exercise.

Today day 7 of training, Sullivan is beginning to understand the clicker training. Clicker training sometimes can be very confusing if it is not administered correctly. The clicker should not be used to get a dogs attention, yet should be used as part of the result reward. Watch Sharon demonstrate the start of how to use a clicker.

This continuation of training for Sullivan on Day 8 is showing a “Sit Stay” with distractions from the 5 week old English Bulldog puppies as they run and play about around him. Watch as one of the puppies tries to run of with Sullivan’s tail. Lots of concentration involved.

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Today, we had the opportunity to spend some time in the sunshine and shoot another episode of our training videos. In this video, we have Tobby who is a 5 month old Border Collie and he sure does have a lot of energy. Given that his breed generally is a very highly energetic and an on the move dog. We are working with him in several areas to assist in getting him to be a well behaved and well mannered young man.